UConn and the Sustainable Cities Year Program

UConn, together with other members of the Connecticut Higher Education Community, is evaluating the Sustainable Cities Year Program (SCYP) as a model of community engagement and outreach. Two different initiatives have been developed to apply this model to collaborative relationships with Connecticut municipalities.

  • Coordinated by the Office of Public Engagement, the UConn Cities Collaborative (UCC) committee of faculty and staff is working to examine the options for applying the Sustainable Cities Year Program to the practice of engaged scholarship and service learning for UConn. In 2015 a pilot partnership has developed with the city of Bridgeport. More information is available on the UCC website.
  • The Sustainable Hartford Task Force brings together representatives of the Hartford Mayor’s office, the UConn School of Law, the UConn Greater Hartford campus and the Office of Public Engagement to create effective collaborations to support city initiatives and provide high quality service learning opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students by participation in real world applications of developing skills.
larco Nico Larco, Co-Director of the Sustainable Cities Initiative at the University of Oregon, visited UConn in April 2014 to introduce faculty, staff and students to the program. His presentation is archived at: Sustainable Cities Initiative


For further information on the Sustainable Cities Initiative and Sustainable Cities Year Project: