Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan outlines major goals for the Office of Public Engagement:

  • Goal 1: OPE will be the cross disciplinary fulcrum for students, faculty and staff throughout UConn to build capacity, advocate for, and coordinate the work of engagement at the local, state, regional, national and global levels.
  • Goal 2: OPE and PEF (Public Engagement Forum) will embrace, support and conduct community engaged scholarship to build the evidence to grow the prominence of engagement in every student’s and faculty member’s portfolio.
  • Goal 3: OPE and PEF will disseminate its knowledge with colleagues throughout the world in publications, presentations and consultations.
  • Goal 4: OPE and PEF will mentor the next generation of engaged students, staff and faculty scholars in service learning as a pedagogy, community outreach and community engaged scholarship

Objectives for the 2014-2015 academic year derived from these goals:

1: Coordinate, advocate and build capacity for the University’s operationalization of the Academic Vision for achieving “A path to excellence in engagement.”

  • Address mission
  • Organizational structure

Our mission is to assist in the development of engaged citizens (faculty, student and staff) through coordination, advocacy and capacity building for engagement. Civic engagement, service learning, engaged scholarship, university assisted community schools, strategic partnerships, and communities as partners and collaborators are examples of programs and activities offered by the OPE. The work of the office is through and with others across all disciplines, all campuses, and with community partners.

2: Facilitate the increase of quality community engaged scholarship.

  • Database
  • Research templates on city demographics and assets
  • Grants

3: Foster relationships among faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners interested in Public Engagement and Outreach.

  • Community conversations
  • Public Engagement Forum
  • Website
  • Database

4: Maximize the impact and sustainability of community programs and partnerships.

5: Increase undergraduate, graduate, and professional students’ opportunities to participate in individualized engagement experiences.

  • Service learning….ontological and epistemological premise
  • Increase number of service learning courses
  • Faculty fellows program
  • Research study on leadership and service learning