Engaged Scholarship at UConn

Engaged scholarship involves the university member in the academically relevant work of teaching, discovery, creativity, integration, application and engagement in a context of collaboration and reciprocity with the community (local, regional/state, national, or global).  It occurs within and across disciplines and has the following characteristics:

  • clear goals
  • adequate preparation
  • appropriate methods
  • meaningful results
  • effective presentation
  • reflective critique
  • rigor
  • and peer-review.


At the institutional level, engaged scholarship connects the intellectual assets of higher education institutions, including faculty and staff expertise and high-quality graduate and undergraduate students, to public issues.

At the faculty level, engaged scholarship is a vehicle through which faculty can participate in work that simultaneously fulfills the campus mission and goals, as well as addresses community needs and interests.

At the student level, engaged scholarship can enhance academic learning and knowledge generation because of its ability to blend research, teaching, and service.

At the community level, community residents, organizations, and policy makers collaborate with their academic partner to identify relevant societal needs and share their perspectives, expectations and expertise to jointly develop and apply solutions to those issues.

Engaged scholarship entails a collaborative and mutually beneficial creation and exchange of knowledge and resources between academia and the community to create conditions for the public good.



Public Symposia and Colloquia are presented throughout the year on topics related to Engaged Scholarship, Community Partnerships, Service Learning and best practices. Use the Symposia pages to explore details of these presentations.

Video of a Year of Engagement address by Dr. Lorilee Sandmann entitled: If the Answer is Community Engaged Scholarship: What is the Question? and other related topic resources are available on the program page.




For both internal and external constituents, we hope you will use the Office of Public Engagement as a means to link people with similar interests to help solve some of the most pressing social concerns our society is facing.

Our Calendar lists engagement events throughout the University.

Use the Find-A-Program pages to connect to additional programs and events by Category or Location.

  • ‘University Resource’ refers to those activities and entities that the University makes available to its various constituencies, but there may be a cost involved to access those resources.
  • ‘Public Service’ refers to those activities which the university provides to everyone at no cost to the individual.”