Engaged Scholarship Lecture – Dr. Lorilee Sandmann October 2014

If the Answer is Community-Engaged Scholarship: What is the Question?

In a Year of Engagement event, Lorilee R. Sandmann, Ph.D. of the University of Georgia delivered a keynote address on October 28, 2014. Sandmann ImageShe examined critical issues in the consideration of Engaged-Scholarship as universities must address local and global complex issues by engaging with key stakeholders outside the academy. This engagement often takes the form of mutually beneficial partnerships that produce and apply knowledge. For academic scholars and staff involved, this means applying their expertise to real-world problems and collaborating with peers in other sectors who also bring their knowledge and wisdom to the table  – a practice known as community-engaged scholarship (CES).

The archive video of her address is available for viewing.

The handout  from the presentation includes discussion questions and Evaluation Criteria for Community-Engaged Scholarship.

Dr. Sandmann’s PowerPoint presentation, The Answer is Community-Engaged Scholarship: What is the Question?,  is also available for viewing.

Dr. Lorilee Sandmann at UConn Suggested Community-Engaged Scholarship Resources: