March 26 Teale Lecture by Gregg Mitman

Teale Lecture: Ecological Imperialism Revisited—
Entanglements of Disease, Commerce and Knowledge in a Global World

Dr. Gregg Mitman, Vilas Research & William Coleman Professor of History of Science,Gregg Mitman
Medical History & Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thursday, March 26, 4 pm– Konover Auditorium, Dodd Research Center, UConn

Four decades ago, the ideas put forth by Alfred Crosby and William McNeill in The Columbian Exchange and Plagues and Peoples forever changed the importance historians put on the role of cultural and biological exchange between the old and new world. The idea that the transfer of diseases from one population to another played as important a role in empire-building as our human conquests became embedded in our cultural narrative. Mitman’s lecture examines how American military and industrial expansion overseas helped bring into being new views of nature and nation that would, in turn, become the scientific foundation upon which later historical narratives of ecological imperialism relied.